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Naturopathic Bodywork Therapies

Naturopathic Bodywork Therapies

1 Hour: $89

Clients may choose any of the following sessions or a personalized integration of any of the techniques:

-Polarity Balancing
-Raindrop Essential Oil Therapy ($99)
-Hand and Foot Reflexology

-Light Healing Touch

-Meridian Testing & Balancing

-Sound and Color Therapy

-Integrative Session Using Multiple Therapies​​

*See the Setmore Scheduler for choosing the therapy you need. 

Reiki Treatment

Therapy Descriptions

Polarity Balancing 

Polarity balancing is non-invasive. It works with the finer energies of each of the five elements which pertain to the physical, mental and emotional body, as well as the chakras.  A Polarity balancing session promotes the body to harmonize by prompting the flow of life force energy, clearing congestion and creating balance in the physical, emotional and mental fields. Polarity balancing subtly works with engaging the subconscious mental and emotional patterning that can often manifest as physical disease. Polarity balancing is beneficial for aiding in creating an environment for the body to harmonize. It is helpful for anyone to incorporate into their health maintenance program.



Reflexology is much more than a simple foot massage! During a reflexology session, we engage the energy pathways with deep pressure thumb and finger movements that correspond to all the glands, organs, and parts of the body by way of the 7,200 nerve endings on the bottom of each foot. Reflexology helps balance the body’s functions, clears congestion, relieves tension, improves circulation, nutrition and promotes blood supply to the central nervous system.


Raindrop Essential Oil Therapy 

Raindrop is a bodywork technique that gently applies essential oils to the feet and spine. These oils have antibacterial and antiviral properties which support the immune system. This is helpful due to the microorganisms that can lodge themselves near the spinal cord. This therapy assists in relieving stress, reducing pain, and inflammation as well as improve circulation. Raindrop Therapy can also aid in helping scoliosis, disc chronic back pain and deteriorating discs.


Craniosacral Therapy 

Craniosacral therapy is a simple approach for achieving optimal balance of both structure and function by promoting the flow of cerebral spinal fluid within the entire spinal system. Craniosacral is a light touch therapy where points of tension are held along the sacrum, spine and cranium which allows the release of tense muscles and aids the nervous system in achieving balance. Craniosacral therapy may reduce symptoms of adrenal fatigue, headaches, migraines, back pain, short-term memory loss, numbness in hands and feet, and effects of stroke.

Light Healing Touch Energy Work 

This energy therapy uses intent to promote health and healing with very light or near-body touch to promote healing and balance to the chakras and subtle energy bodies. This lessons anxiety and stress as well as aiding in the acceleration of the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. 

Sound and Color Therapy 

This unique therapy applies the healing power of tuning forks/sound and color. As we are toned down beings of light, when we are out of balance there is discord in our subtle energy fields and DNA. With the application of sound and color therapy, this aids in harmonizing the discord in the energy field which then manifests as healing on the physical plane. 

Meridian Testing and Balancing 

In this session, Dr. Lori will muscle test and aid in balancing the meridians that need attention.  In TCM, meridians are strings connecting acupuncture points, which are considered as passageways through which energy flows throughout the body. The meridian system is composed of 12 principal meridians, each of which connects to an organ system and extends to an extremity. 

Integrative Bodywork Therapy Session 

During an integrative session, Lori caters a personal therapy protocol for her clients. This is an integration of various therapies based on the client's needs. Integration of potential Therapies include: Meridian Balancing, Polarity Balancing, Craniosacral Balance, Essential Oil Therapy, Reflexology, Sound and Color.

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