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Traditional Naturopathic Services

First Time Natural Health Assessment
1.5 - 2 Hours $220.00 

Environmental Blood Terrain Analysis
1 Hour $120

Natural Health Follow Up
1 Hour $90
45 Min $69
1/2 Hour $45

Phone or Zoom Consult
Hourly Rate $90

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules
  • All first time assessments are 1.5 - 2 hours. These include: Environmental Blood Terrain Analysis, Iris and Sclera analysis, Applied Kinesiology and Evaluation and Assessment. During this session, the client’s health history will be reviewed. Based on the outcome of the over-all evaluation, a personal program will be designed for the client to help aid the body to achieve balance. 
  • Natural health follow up appointments will consist of the necessary assessment tools on a case by case basis. 
  • A Phone or Zoom Consult is designed for those who live too far to drive to the office and need guidance on the best health practices for themselves. ​​

Service Descriptions


Iridology is a tool to use in order to assess someone’s health through their iris. By way of the brain and optic nerve & nervous system- the iris represents the state of multiple body systems, digestion, structure, organs and psychological characteristics. Iridology can reveal weaknesses and predisposition to weakness in our health that are either inherited or developed by us.

Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is also referred to as “Muscle Testing”, which can be used to evaluate the normal and abnormal functioning of the body, organs and biochemicals by utilizing the wisdom of the nervous system. Every abnormality, inflammation, toxin, nerve blockage, or foreign object is recorded in the nerve pathways in the brain. Due to this, muscle testing is a helpful tool for assisting in the overall development of a personalized program.


Evaluation and Assessment

One of the best ways to assess someone’s health is through the “outward signs of inward imbalance”. Lori conducts a thorough head to toe assessment to assess any of these signs based on the appearance of the skin, feet, nails, mouth, face and more.


Environmental Blood Terrain Analysis

This assessment is done by the client personally providing one drop of their capillary blood. This drop is placed directly on a slide between a cover slip and then placed under a Darkfield Microscope. This observation allows for an insightful evaluation of the terrain within the blood sample which provides invaluable infromation across all body systems. 


Voice Analysis, Color & Sound Therapy

During a voice analysis session, the client’s voice is recorded. It is transmitted through a software program that allows us to see which notes are or are not dominant. Certain notes and octaves in our own unique voice allow us to see patterns of underlying emotions that may be manifesting physically. Each note has a connection to body systems and functions. A voice analysis will aid us in the ability to utilize powerful healing tools to aid us in achieving a state of health harmony.

Dr. Lori assists her clients in developing a protocol to use various methods of creating this harmonic balance in health. Some energetic therapies consist of flower essences, homeopathy, essential oils, and personalized toning sessions. Dr. Lori also integrates tuning forks and color therapy into her bodywork sessions based on the client’s needs.

Clients are also able to schedule a private light toning session using the Magnetic Biophoton Mat. 

Bodywork With Natural Health Update 

This appointment is designed for clients who regularly see me for bodywork and natural health. This is a combined 90 minute session. This allows us for a  30 minute update and a full clinical hour bodywork session. 

See Setmore Scheduler on the "Schedule an Appointment" tab to choose which service you need and to see pricing.  

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