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Toxicity Overload and Chronic Disease

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

For the last few weeks, I have been studying quite a bit more on Lyme, EBV, Retroviruses, Auto-immune diseases etc. Almost all of my clients have some form of cancer, auto-immune disease, skin issues, digestion issues, viral load, fatigue etc. The common theme with all of these diseases is toxicity overload.

All of the live blood that I have looked at lately has had chemicals, major immune stress, inflammation, yeast, viral and parasite activity, low iron, poor protein metabolism and liver stress. Even the “healthy” clients had live blood samples that have just simply been perplexing me.

The toxicity overload that everyone is experiencing is from sugar, mold, fungus, yeast, parasites, heavy metals, environmental poisons (pesticides/herbicides etc.), processed foods and I can go on and on here. But, with WIFI/RF toxicity added into the mix it is perpetuating everything down to our cellular function, mitochondria and DNA. You betcha 5G is perpetuating the current viral situation. Oh, and let’s not forget about STRESS.

GMO foods carry retro-viruses because of the way that are modified genetically by using viruses!!! Roundup destroys the mitochondria in our cells. Parasites carry viruses. And I am just going to go ahead and say it loud and clear, VACCINES ARE MADE WITH VIRUSES FROM ANIMALS. This means that these vaccines can transmit retroviruses. It has been proven that vaccines are a known sources of chronic diseases. For example, scientists found a mouse leukemia retrovirus called xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) in people with prostate cancer. They also found XMRV in people with chronic fatigue syndrome. Did the XMRV infection come from the animal cells used to develop vaccines? The cocktail of death mixture of the other completely toxic pathogens and chemicals in the vaccine can be added to the issues as well.

Simply put, many people are locked up. Stuck in the mud. Right down to the mitochondrial level, we are toxic. This is causing issues with the digestive tract, liver, enzymes, and chemical processes right down to our DNA.

SO, what on earth do we do about it?

Well, for me personally, now is the time, this spring (when the liver is the most amiable) I am starting a whole new protocol that was designed to work with all of this right down to the mitochondria and DNA. This protocol is Cellcore Biosciences, Phases 1-5. If you are interested in this please let me know.

In the past I have gone “guns blazing” trying to attack the viruses, yeast, bacteria, parasites etc. and cleanse the environmental toxins. Well, this may have been a lot easier to do 20 years ago. It’s not now. What does it mean to have the channels of elimination open? Well, it means a lot more than pooping every day. Chances are, if you think all of the channels of elimination and transport are working nicely in your body, you are wrong. And this plandemic (I mean “pandemic”) is proof of the toxicity both physically and from what we are being subjected to without consent in the air, water and RF frequencies.

The deeper issues that we are working with today require a dynamic methodical approach starting with DNA and mitochondria. I will be writing a lot more on what this approach entails over the coming weeks “stuck” in quarantine.

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