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Spiritual Agriculture: Rudolf Steiner's Biodynamics

The Biodynamic Forces

Between 1922 and 1923, a group of farmers sought Dr. Steiner’s help regarding soil degeneration and diseases of animals and plants. Steiner did give them brief information on the Biodynamic preparations. In June of 1924, Steiner gave a lecture specifically for an Agricultural course in order to thoroughly explain the Biodynamic preparations that he suggested that the farmers use. Steiner held this course for ten days. This group of people came up with the name Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Method. (Pfeiffer, 1958, p. 5-9)

Pfeiffer, whom attended the course, learned from Steiner that the one-sided chemical fertilizer theory that thinks of plant needs in terms of Nitrogen-phosphates-potassium-calcium, originated in this view and the theory still dominates orthodox scientific agricultural thinking to-day. (p.9) Steiner knew that this all needed to be taken further as it was obviously not a complete and effective method as it weakens plants and degenerates seed quality. Pfeiffer also learned that: “When the biological balance is upset, degeneration follows; pests and diseases make their appearance. Nature herself liquidates weaklings. Pests are therefor to be regarded as nature’s warning that the primary forces have been dissipated and the balance sinned against.”

Pfeiffer quoted Steiner saying that: “The most important thing to make the benefits of our agricultural preparations available to the largest possible areas over the entire earth, so that the earth may be healed and the nutritive quality of its produce improved in every respect.” (p.7) Also, (which is quite chilling), “Spiritual scientific knowledge must have found its way into practical life by the middle of the century if untold damage of the health of man and nature is to be avoided.” (p.11) This statement rings quite true as we are facing grave circumstances.

According to Courtney (2005), the preparations contain an enormous amount of positive energy which spiritualizes the earth. And that this energy can counteract energies that could result in earthly eruptions. Biodynamic preparations can convert the beings of subnature to helpers of Christ. They create a vortex of energy to allow cosmic energies to penetrate to the Earth Core.

Steiner emphasized that ordinary organic manuring methods should still remain in place. The Biodynamic forces are an addition to this process. Just manuring alone strips forces from the air and earth. This is why the preparations must be used. Steiner had to come up with a method that reunited the plants with nature with the influence of the cosmos.

In Steiner’s lecture (1924), he pointed out:

“…..the necessity of consciously restoring cosmic forces to growth processes by both direct and indirect means, thereby freeing the present conception of plant nature from a material, purely terrestrial isolation; only through such restoration would it be possible to re-energize those healthful and constructive forces capable of halting degeneration.” (Agriculture Course p.11)

Steiner developed a way to add living forces to manure to enhance the absorption of the elements and bring vitality to the earth. Steiner went on to prove that needed trace elements are present in the atmosphere that plants need to absorb as well as come together in the correct balance. These elements are: Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Sulphur and Potash. Preparations 502-507 deal with homeopathic doses added to compost that deal specifically with the forces and balance of these elements. One sided mineral fertilizing lowers the trace element content in the soil and plants. You can order prepared preparations from the Josephine Porter Institute.

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